Running SWC-DB in a Pseudomode

Edit the necessary configuration in etc/swcdb/*.cfg as by instructions

cd /opt/swcdb;          # SWCDB_INSTALL_PATH
mkdir -p var/log/swcdb; # re-config "swc.logging.path" for other path


  • start with sbin/swcdb_cluster

    sbin/swcdb_cluster can start only on localhost as if it is a distributed-cluster, if swcdb_cluster is set as by instructions.

    sbin/swcdb_cluster start;
  • start each server independently

    cd bin; # continue to work from 'bin' folder
    1. start swcdbFsBroker

      ./swcdbFsBroker --daemon;
    2. start swcdbManager

      ./swcdbManager --debug --host=localhost --daemon;
    3. start swcdbRanger

      ./swcdbRanger --daemon;
    4. start swcdbBroker

      ./swcdbBroker --host=localhost --daemon;
    5. start swcdbThriftBroker

      ./swcdbThriftBroker --host=localhost --daemon;
    • Additional Information

      • Help information available with ./swcdbProgramName --help;
      • without --daemon argument the Program will output to stdout/screen instead of logging to file.


  • stop with sbin/swcdb_cluster

    sbin/swcdb_cluster stop;
  • stop with SIGINT

    By the runtime order dependency for each PID of a server/program/swcdbProgramName:

    1. swcdbThriftBroker
    2. swcdbBroker
    3. swcdbRanger
    4. swcdbManager
    5. swcdbFsBroker
    ps aux | grep swcdbProgramName;
    kill PID;

    kill -9 PID; will result in ungraceful shutdown (not committed data and current transactions will be lost)