The SWC-DB Configuration-Files with extension .cfg (etc/swcdb/*.cfg)

SWC-DB by default for the configuration files, relatively to the installation-prefix, use the folder etc/swcdb/. The default path for configuration files is a run-time configurable property swc.cfg.path argv for using with swcdbProgram ‘args', the swcdbProgram --help; will indicate whether it is optional.

The file Format

The file is a single propery a line and tree-wise grouping format. The structure of property is a key=value whereas if key is delimmited with dot(.) k.e.y=value each dot is a sub-grouping to it's parent. Duplicate keys with different values, value function of single-value will overwrite it's earlier value while value of many-values function will have a list of values to the key in the given order of the configurations.

Single Key Propery

unique key:

mulit-value key:

Grouped Key Properties


Property Value

The value of a property defaults to type String, the available specialized value types by function are:

  • single-value [ BOOL, UINT8, UINT16, INT32, INT64, DOUBLE, STRING, ENUM]
  • many-values [ STRINGS, INT64S, DOUBLES]
  • guarded-value/s [ G_BOOL, G_UINT8, G_UINT16, G_INT32, G_ENUM, G_STRINGS ]

The file with extended extension (.dyn.cfg)

Additionally to the .cfg configuration filename there are filenames with extended extension of dynamic type .dyn.cfg. These files are designated for use with value of function guarded-value/s which are allowed for reload of configurations at swcdbPrograms run-time.

The Roles and cfg filename

The configuration files are changeable by configuration properties applied to a program, while by default-setup these filenames cfg properties structured on corresponding role/service/program naming.

The following cfg-files for roles are used:

Roles type filename.cfg filename.dyn.cfg
All   swc.cfg swc.dyn.cfg
Manager   swc_mngr.cfg swc_mngr.dyn.cfg
Ranger   swc_rgr.cfg swc_rgr.dyn.cfg
FsBroker   swc_fsbroker.cfg swc_fsbroker.dyn.cfg
Broker   swc_bkr.cfg swc_bkr.dyn.cfg
ThriftBroker   swc_thriftbroker.cfg swc_thriftbroker.dyn.cfg
libswcdb_fs_* Type of FS    
  local swc_fs_local.cfg  
  broker swc_fs_broker.cfg swc_fs_broker.dyn.cfg
  hadoop_jvm swc_fs_hadoop_jvm.cfg  
  hadoop swc_fs_hadoop.cfg  
  ceph swc_fs_ceph.cfg  
swcdb_cluster   swc_cluster.cfg