The SWC-DB Ceph Filesystem - Configuration Properties

The SWC-DB Ceph Filesystem Library can be configured with these configuration properties.

  • swc.fs.ceph.cfg.dyn

    STRINGS The Dynamic cfg-file to use. Config Handler will check & reload this cfg-file by swc.cfg.dyn.period
    default swc.fs.ceph.cfg.dyn=

  • swc.fs.ceph.path.root

    STRING The Ceph FileSystem's base root path.
    default swc.fs.ceph.path.root=

  • swc.fs.ceph.metrics.enabled

    BOOL Enable or Disable Metrics tracking.
    default swc.fs.ceph.metrics.enabled=true


    STRING The CephFs Client-Id to use.

  • swc.fs.ceph.configuration.file

    STRING The CephFs configuration file ceph.conf path.
    default swc.fs.ceph.configuration.file=

    The available properties to apply if swc.fs.ceph.configuration.file is not set

  • swc.fs.ceph.mon.addr

    STRING The CephFs monitor-address mon_addr.
    default swc.fs.ceph.mon.addr=

  • swc.fs.ceph.perm.user

    INT32 The CephFs Permission Group.

  • swc.fs.ceph.perm.user

    INT32 The CephFs Permission User.
    default swc.fs.ceph.perm.user=

  • swc.fs.ceph.stripe.unit

    INT32 The CephFs default stripe_unit.
    default swc.fs.ceph.stripe.unit=

  • swc.fs.ceph.stripe.count

    INT32 The CephFs default stripe_count.
    default swc.fs.ceph.stripe.count=

  • swc.fs.ceph.object.size

    INT32 The CephFs default object_size.
    default swc.fs.ceph.object.size=

  • swc.fs.ceph.replication

    INT32 The CephFs default replication.
    default swc.fs.ceph.replication=

The configuration properties applicable for dynamic reloading

  • swc.fs.ceph.fds.max

    G_INT32 The Max Open File Descriptors for the option of not closing, Condition dependable by the Program using the filesystem.
    default swc.fs.ceph.fds.max=256