The SWC-DB ThriftBroker - Configuration Properties

  • swc.ThriftBroker.cfg.dyn

    STRINGS The Dynamic cfg-file to use. ThriftBrokers will check & reload this cfg-file by swc.cfg.dyn.period
    default swc.ThriftBroker.cfg.dyn=

  • swc.ThriftBroker.port

    INT16 The ThriftBroker port.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.port=18000

  • swc.ThriftBroker.workers

    INT32 The number of workers a comm-reactor initalizes.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.workers=32

  • swc.ThriftBroker.connections.max

    INT32 The Max client Connections allowed, any new connections above the Open-Connections will be dropped and the Max-Total is the number of Endpoints(Thrift-Broker is listening-on) by swc.ThriftBroker.connections.max. If open-file-descriptors is above allowed-limit Thrift-Broker will shutdown, unplanned shutdown can be avoided by the max limit.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.workers=INT64_MAX

  • swc.ThriftBroker.transport

    STRING The thrift transport that should be used (framed/).
    default swc.ThriftBroker.transport=framed

  • swc.ThriftBroker.timeout

    INT32 The ThriftBroker timeout in milliseconds.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.timeout=900000

  • swc.ThriftBroker.clients.handlers

    INT32 The number of SWC-DB clients handlers.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.clients.handlers=8

  • swc.ThriftBroker.metrics.enabled

    BOOL Enable or Disable ThriftBroker Metrics Monitoring.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.metrics.enabled=true

The configuration properties applicable for dynamic reloading

  • swc.ThriftBroker.ram.allowed.percent

    G_INT32 The Memory RSS % allowed without freeing/releasing.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.ram.allowed.percent=33

  • swc.ThriftBroker.ram.reserved.percent

    G_INT32 The Memory Total % reserved, threshold of low-memory enter state.
    default swc.ThriftBroker.ram.reserved.percent=33

  • swc.ThriftBroker.ram.release.rate

    G_INT32 The Memory release-rate (malloc dependable).
    default swc.ThriftBroker.ram.release.rate=100


    G_INT32 The Metrics Reporting Interval in Seconds. Zero(=0) skips metrics update.

extended/updated/version information available with ‘–help' and ‘–help-config' arg

./swcdbThriftBroker --help;
./swcdbThriftBroker --help-config;