Installing Thrift Clients

SWC-DB Thrift Client as part of a package installations:

Install the SWC-DB Python Package

  • The SWC-DB Python package swcdb is available at and it can be installed with:
    pip install swcdb;

    or for other python versions/implementations

    YOUR_PY_EXEC -m pip install swcdb;
  • The SWC-DB Release Binaries inlcude the swcdb Python package:
    SWCDB_VERSION_PYTHON=${SWCDB_VERSION}; # Python package can have another sub-version ".#"
    YOUR_PY_EXEC -m pip install wheel ${SWCDB_INSTALL_PATH}/lib/py/swcdb-${SWCDB_VERSION_PYTHON}.tar.gz;

Documentations for using the SWC-DB Python package are available at Using Python Thrift Client